Brain Brewery

Brain Brewery

Authentic Meeting Venue

The Brain Brewery combines elegance with authenticity, a meeting venue in a genuine and casual atmosphere.

Welcome to our home with its unique history.

See you soon, tot binnenkort, à bientôt, bis bald!

vergaderen vergaderruimte vergaderzaal


Master brewer Alfred de Smedt builds an impressive town house opposite his brewery.  Impacted by the first world war, the house and its brewery are sold to the ‘Rosseels’ family, establishing a new brewery ‘Brasserie l’Ancre’- ‘Brewery – The Anchor’.  Early 1930’s, the house undergoes a makeover in the Art Deco style, typical for that period.


The typical beers ‘Belge, Ekla or Zeelschen Ouden’ haven’t been brewed since quite some time.  Although the brewery is long gone, the house is still there in all its glory.  After 100 years in the same family, the house is sold, hoping to give it a new life and destination.  And so, we (Evy, Thomas and our 3 daughters) become the proud owners of this house with its rich history, heritage and soul.


The day before Christmas, after 1,5 years of renovation, we move into our new home.  During the renovation, we already have the feeling to do more with this big house.  A professional activity with space for family and hospitality.


The Brain Brewery is born.  Welcome to our house, a home where people come together to meet, exchange ideas and invent solutions in an authentic and casual environment.